Day: August 12, 2020

Where to find faith in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City is a very popular resort city, mainly because of casinos, boardwalks and beaches (if you’re not interested in going to an actual casino but would rather bet on different games online, you can check out the parimatch bonus code). It is one of the first cities in the US to legalize casino gambling. However, not many people know that this city also has amazing and beautiful churches for you to visit.

St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church

This church is a place of historical great value. St. Nicholas of Tolentine Church was built in 1905 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. It has a big pipe organ, which is also one of the busiest in the country. The pipe organ is played during all masses, at choir rehearsals, at concerts, funerals, and weddings. This is one of the churches in the Parish of Saint Monica.

Our Lady Star of the Sea Church

Another church that also belongs to the Parish of Saint Monica is Our Lady Star of the Sea Church. An interesting thing about this church is that it also has a school as a part of it. This is the only Catholic school on Absecon Island. Our Lady Star of the Sea Church does everything possible for the school to survive and grow, but the enrollment has steadily declined in the past years. They say that few families can afford the tuition and that you could help them by joining the Parish.

Margate Community Church

This church was founded in 1929 and has been very active ever since. It also accepts people from different denominations, counting over 300 people with over 11 different denominations. They say that it doesn’t matter what religion you belong to because we are all bound to each other and share our love for God. Margate Community Church has a nursery school that is quite popular. Its students learn how to live and interact with others, and develop self-esteem, their minds and their bodies.

Central United Methodist Church

Central United Methodist Church is the mainline protestant denomination and a major part of Methodism. They emphasize the following things: Primacy of Grace, Free Will, Social Consciousness, and Two Sacraments – Baptism and Holy Communion. There is also a Sunday school for children, youth and adults. A unique thing about this church is that it has a restaurant called the Missions Restaurant that opens 3 or 4 times a year and the profits gathered on these occasions are used to support the projects of the church. It is said that meals there taste amazing.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church 

This church worships the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Every Sunday they commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A great thing about this church is that they organize a Greek food festival during the summer where you can try some Greek specialties and enjoy traditional Greek music and dancing.

St. Andrew by the Sea Lutheran Church

St. Andrew by the Sea Lutheran Church is for the entire community even if they don’t have proud Lutheran roots. They organize some very unique activities. There is a Summer Beach Service every Sunday from 7:30 am and you need to bring only your beach chairs and coffee and enjoy this unique church service. There is also a Food Pantry when they serve food for unemployed, homeless, and poor people.