10 Most Famous Temples in Asia

10 Most Famous Temples in Asia

Browsing the web, looking for ways to entertain ourselves be it by watching a movie, finding a Pokerstars Bonus Code so that we can play online, or by watching documentaries is something we all like to do from time to time. I almost always do the latter – I put a good documentary on and prepare myself to learn a lot about whatever is that I chose that day. The last documentary I watched was centered around Asia and religion (duh) and it really placed an emphasis on the temples in Asia. So… that’s why you can read today’s article. You can tell I was inspired! Well, without further ado, here are some of my thoughts.

When you take into account how vast Asia is, and how many different cultures live there, it is easy to imagine why it is the continent with the highest number of temples in the world. The even biggest reason, however, would be the fact that many of today’s largest religions originated on Asian grounds, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, as well as dozens of smaller ones.

Lotus Temple

The name of the temple comes from its structure which resembles the shape of a lotus flower. This majestic building the Bahá’í House of Worship and the most visited temple of this religion, as well as one of the most visited locations in Delhi. 

Ranakpur Temple

The temple in Ranakpur is dedicated to Adinatha and it is a central place of worship among the Jains. This incredible structure will leave anyone breathless, as it is situated on a hill and supported with almost 1500 marble pillars, which all differ in shape and their carvings from one another. 

Taktsang Dzong

Taktsang Dzong is considered to be a symbol of Bhutan and is also nicknamed the Tyger’s Nest. After it has been ruined by fire and reconstructed, the temple is more beautiful than ever. 

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

If you ever have an opportunity to visit Bangkok, Temple of the Emerald Buddha is something you have to experience in person. It is situated in the vicinity of the Grand Palace, so it is naturally one of the most visited and cherished temples in Bangkok. 

Temple of Heaven

This Taoist temple is one of the biggest ones in Beijing. If you ever visit it, you will be able to spot people practicing tai chi in the vast and stunning park surrounding the temple.

Golden Pavilion 

Golden Pavilion is Kyoto’s most prized possession and the most visited temples in this part of the country. It looks as if it had been built on water, which only adds to its splendor and popularity among the tourists. 

Harmandir Sahib

The Golden Temple, as it is also called, is the main place of worship for the Sikhs. The construction started in the 16th century but it has been improved even more since then so that it now has a gold exterior which makes it one of the most beautiful temples in Asia. 


Lebanon is home to this archaeological site, which was supposed to be the most magnificent temple in the Roman Empire. Centuries after, it still stands strong as one of the most famous Asian temples. 


Borobudur is the largest and most famous temple for Buddhism in Indonesia, and thousands of people go to the island of Java every year to admire its grandiose structure. Since the 14th century when it was abandoned, it stood covered with layers of volcanic ash, but that period remains a mystery. 

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat was built in the 12th century for King Suryavarman II and its grounds were deliberately raised so that the king would be on higher grounds than the rest. First, it was used as a Hindu place of worship, then as a Buddhist temple.