Victor Schonfeld's Statement at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe




At the hearing on circumcision held today (28 January 2014) in Strasbourg, France at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Victor Shconfeld, director of It's a Boy, gave this powerful statement:

“Israeli Knesset Member Shai in his remarks at the film showing said, ‘Israel will reject with all our might and force any attempt to stop circumcision.’ That’s a near quote. I think it’s very revealing, because circumcision of children is enforced on children. That’s what objectionable about it. If the claims of health benefits that the Israeli doctors in the propaganda film made are so persuasive, then young men across Europe will be choosing to be circumcised. They are not. Doctors’ associations across Europe say routine circumcision is not justified. The harm caused by circumcision is undeniable. That’s why it’s done to children. Because they cannot object. We can get away with doing it to them, by the use of force. The Israeli documentary denies babies feel pain. This is a blatant piece of falsehood and discredits any claims of medical benefits in that film. Freedom of conscience is not respected in Israel about this issue. Parents who resist getting their kids circumcised get bullied, get ostracized. There’s a young mother in Tel Aviv right now who is faced with daily court fines for refusing to have her son circumcised. This speaks volumes about the arrogance attached to the custom of circumcision.”


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